Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Jersey or Bust

Coming soon - highlights from my trip to New Jersey.

Johnson and Johnson has invited several mommy bloggers to a Camp Baby event in New Jersey. I was chatting with Suburban Correspondant and mentioned that I was going to "New Jersey - the armpit of America." She responded with, "I grew up in New Jersey."
"Ohhh. Um, when I said armpit of America, I meant a nice, freshly shaved, Spring Fresh deodorant scented, armpit. Yeah. Really."

Does anyone stick their feet in their mouths as much as I do?

Then my friend Denise sent me an email saying that Newark had gone a whopping 43 days without a murder. They almost beat their record of 57 days! How thoughtful of my friend to inform me that I'll be shot on my way to the hotel, huh?

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to meeting other bloggers because I really don't know anybody. I never find the time to surf through the mazes of other blogs out there. I'm going to be the dork with no friends, just sitting in the corner in my maternity shirt trying not to look like an idiot. But, on the bright side, I get the whole bed to myself while I'm there. No snoring for two blissful nights!