Saturday, August 30, 2008


I got a whole bunch of "stuff" at the BlogHer conference back in July. I really don't have the space for more stuff, so I'm passing some of these goodies along to you.

The first giveaway is for a Zivio Boom wireless headset. Judging by my recent review of the Jawbone bluetooth headset, it sounds like there are a lot of readers who could really benefit from a wireless headset.

The Zivio Boom bluetooth headset is fully customizable. I personally didn't like messing around with the 8 different ear piece options (and endless combinations), but for those of you who have a difficult time getting earphones to fit you properly and actually stay snugly in your ear, you'll like the different earpiece options and will surely be able to find a combination that fits comfortably for you.

A feature of the Zivio Boom that I really love is the fact that it comes with a charger that has 2 USB ports so you can charge both your Zivio and your phone at the same time with only one small charger. That's nice for traveling - one less thing to bring along.

The Zivio Boom has a microphone on the end of an extendable boom. You can pull it all the way out to clearly pick up your voice especially when there's a lot of background noise and you can leave it retracted when you're talking in quieter surroundings.

I'm giving away a FREE Zivio Boom to one random commenter. Just leave me a comment here and I'll pick a winner on Wednesday, September 8. To avoid confusion, please leave at least a first name and last initial with your comment so I can identify the winners. Comments that do not include a name will not be entered in this contest.

***** Edited ***** Oops, I meant to write that I'd pick a winner on Monday, September 8. Sorry for the confusion.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blast Off!

I recently got to try out the new Batter Blaster, pancake and waffle batter. I have to admit I was a little leery at first (batter? in a can?), but after reading a bit about Batter Blaster, I decided to give it a try. Batter Blaster is a can (similar in size to a can of whipped cream) of pancake batter. You turn the can upside down and depress the tip to dispense the batter onto your griddle or waffle iron.

The reason I agreed to try it was because it looked fun, and because it's organic and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives which tend to make Jackson and Clayton go into orbit. This was fun and easy to use and my kids liked using it too!

You just squirt the batter out onto your griddle. Thank you for demonstrating Savannah. (Note my beautiful old Harvest Gold stove!)

pancakes cooking....

pancakes getting torn apart because I can't read directions and didn't grease the pan. After I threw a little butter on the pan, I was able to flip the pancakes right over without chiseling them off my old, not-so-non-stick griddle.

Then we had a little fun with them. I made initials for each of the kids. You can use Batter Blaster to easily make shapes and designs. I remember, as kids, my sister and I would ask our mom to make us snowmen, and candy canes, and Mickey Mouse, and hearts, and all sorts of goofy shaped pancakes. And she obliged! I don't know how she did it with a spoon, but I'm not that nice and I don't make special shapes for my kids. Of course, I have 6 kiddos and who has time to sculpt specially shaped pancakes for that many? But with Batter Blaster, it's really easy to squirt the batter out in different shapes. Cool, huh?

One can (which is recyclable and doesn't contain any ozone-depleting CFCs) makes about 28 four inch pancakes. I only had one pancake because my kids chowed down the rest of them. My kids loved them and asked me to get Batter Blaster again. I thought the pancake tasted good, but was slightly chewy. Then again, I'm used to my recipe that I use to makes pancakes by scratch.

Still, this is a fun treat and it's perfect for camping! No bowls or measuring cups or whisks needed. I don't have to pack flour, vanilla, eggs, baking powder, etc. to make the gang pancakes. I also think this would be good to have on hand for those nights that you just don't get around to planning dinner and want to cook something fast yet nutritious for your family. My kids love when I make breakfast for dinner! I will definitely get this again in the future.

Batter Blaster is giving away 3 FREE cans of their pancake/waffle batter to my readers! Just leave me a comment here and I'll pick 3 random winners on Friday, September 5. To avoid confusion, please leave at least a first name and last initial with your comment so I can identify the winners. Comments that do not include a name will not be entered in this contest.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lands' End Backpack Winner

Random Integer Generator
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Congratulations to Shawna who was comment number 235. She has won a new Lands' End multitask backpack!

Shawna Schaffner said...
I have ALWAYS wanted a Land's End backpack. Always, always, always :)Shawna
July 31, 2008 1:03 PM

Thank you to everyone who left a comment. You can still hurry and receive free shipping on your Lands' End online purchases through August 6.

***Edited to add: please email me at mom2my6pack at with your shipping address and color choice.***

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jawbone Winner

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Congratulations to JLEE who wrote:

JLee said...
Hi Dawn,Just like you I am forever multitasking while on the phone! From doing laundry, making meals, cleaning, wiping butts (theirs, not mine), giving dirty looks to any child that dares to interrupt me while on the phone. Hope to win! Maybe it won't be so obvious that I am on the phone anymore. The kids will think I'm talking to myself like usual and leave me alone.
July 28, 2008 9:16 AM

You are the winner of a new Jawbone bluetooth headset! As far as the kids thinking you're talking to yourself, it works! My kids think I'm off my rocker when I talk on my Jawbone because they can't see any phone. But they don't leave me alone; they repeatedly ask, "What? Are you talking to me? Who are you talking to, Mom? What?" Sooo, good luck with that!

Thank you to everyone who left comments! I sure have some multi-tasking readers!