Thursday, June 12, 2008

GE Caulk Singles

You know those ads that run along the side of my blog? Truth be told, I don't generally pay too much attention to them. I hadn't really checked out the one for GE caulk until a friend brought it to my attention.

We have a leaky shower. It's been that way forever. It's been on my husband's "to do" list for like 40 years. I finally came to the realization that although I wanted the shower taken care of, this was not a high priority on my husband's list. I was so angry that he wasn't fixing it that I decided to just do it myself. I'm not a big DIY (do it yourselfer), but I was determined to show my husband that I could caulk the leaking shower myself. Brilliant plan, no?

So, I went to the store, bought a thing of caulk, got home, and realized I had no way to get the caulk out of the can. Apparently you need a caulk gun. Who knew? Bob the Builder I'm not. I mentioned to my husband that I'd bought some caulk and all he had to do was grab his caulk gun and seal the shower. That darn container of caulk sat there there for 10 years. Or something like that.

So, after my friend brought the GE caulk ad to my attention, I checked it out. Guess what - GE is giving away FREE samplesof their new caulk singles. These things look really cool! You don't need a caulk gun to dispense it. Simply tear open the package and squeeze it out. According to their ads, you should be able to effortlessly apply an even bead of caulk. I filled out the form to receive my free sample.

OK, so here's the shower, complete with mold damage, that was never caulked and is now out of my realm of fixability. It's my husband's job now for sure.

Here's the before picture of the sink that I caulked...

The reason there was a gaping space between the sink and the wall was because the kids have done a little too much of this....

I got my GE caulk single in the mail.....

I tore off the top and just squeezed out a thin, ...

almost even bead of caulk.

Then I simply smoothed it out with my expensive caulk smoothing tools finger.

Pretty cool, no? But that's not all. Oh nooo. Tell us how you used your FREE caulk single to do a DIY job around your home and you'll be entered for a chance to win $1000 VISA GIFT CARD! Think of all the sprucing up you could do with $1000!

So, just click HERE to get your free GE caulk single sample.

And the Winner Is...

The winner of the free HP printing mailbox and 3 free months of Presto service is......

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The 54th comment was from ga.farmgirl who said...

My Mother is 84 and I think the HP printing mailbox would be a great idea for her. She lives far away from some of her 7 children and many Grandkids,great grands and even 1 great great grandchild. I can imagine her face lighting up to receive photos through the presto service hp printing mailbox.
June 7, 2008 3:41 PM

Congratulations to ga.farmgirl!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I was asked to try out the Presto service with the HP printing mailbox. Now, this is not something I would ever use, BUT it is absolutely something my grandma or aunt would use, so I agreed. Let me explain what this is. Presto is a service that works with the HP printing mailbox. It enables the user to receive email (text and images) without a computer. It just uses your phone line to dial out in order to receive emails. Presto explains it better than I can HERE.

I don't know about you, but my aunt and my grandma aren't exactly tech savvy. They don't have a computer, don't have a need for one, and don't have a desire to learn how to use one. But they do like keeping in touch with friends and family. And I have to admit that I'm not so great at the lost art of correspondence. I can't remember the last time I actually wrote a letter. I'm much more likely to keep in touch with relatives and friends via email. This enables people like me to keep in touch with people like them.

When I got my HP printing mailbox, I took it to my aunt's house so she could try it out. It's basically a printer that connects to your phone line. It only took a couple minutes to set it up - plug it in, plop the ink cartridge in, put some paper in, voila!

Next I set up an account for her online (on my computer). Never fear - if a person without a computer buys this to receive email, they can still set up an account over the phone. I just figured it would be easiest for me to do it online. It only took a few minutes and I was able to set up her email address, choose the font size of my aunt's emails, and the time(s) the machine would dial out to retrieve emails. You can have the machine dial out at midnight every night for email messages, for example, or you could set it to dial out a few times a day, or whatever's convenient for you.

As the account manager, I can change the settings any time, I get alerts if the ink is running low, and I can add email addresses to her address book. (That's a cool feature too. She can only receive email from addresses that are on her Friends List to prevent spam and junk mail.)

I really do think this is a cool service for mom and dad or grandma and grandpa, especially if they live out of town. You can send them pictures from Johnny's baseball game, Sarah's ballet recital, or your new bundle of joy. You can send email updates, invitations to parties and get-togethers, or just a note to say you're thinking about them. Everyone loves to get mail, right? Instead of getting grandma a computer and paying for internet service that she wouldn't really use, this is a less expensive alternative that will still enable her to receive email and pictures from you and other friends and relatives. The HP printing mailbox is on sale now for $99.99 and the service is just $9.99 a month. Go HERE and click "view demo" to see a video about this service.

The only drawback that I could find is that the Presto user can't send email out. They can receive letters and beautiful, color photos, but they can't respond via email. Of course, if you've gotten the HP printing mailbox and Presto service for grandma and grandpa who have never used a computer, chances are they wouldn't be interested in replying via email anyway. They're more likely to pick up the phone to thank you for sending them a letter and pictures of their little grandchildren (great grandbabies).

What an awesome idea for Father's Day for dad or grandpa - a way for him to get mail and photos without a computer! And right now, in time for Father's Day, you can get $50 OFF the price of the HP printing mailbox!!! Just go HERE for the discount! And because my readers are so awesome, Presto is offering one lucky winner a FREE unit and 3 FREE months of Presto service! Just leave me a comment here and I'll choose a random winner on June 10th.

* Yes, I know that many senior citizens own computers and are tech savvy. I'm not saying that grandparents aren't capable of working a computer. This is a great product/service for individuals who don't own a computer because they don't want one, can't afford one, or are afraid of them and don't want to learn how to use one.