Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The other day, while I was shopping, I noticed a "back-to-school" display! I practically danced down the aisle. Yes! Woo Hoo! Back-to-school time! I grabbed a notebook and inhaled the fresh scent of paper! I flipped through the blank pages, just waiting for inspiration. I fingered a set of crayons, colors vibrant, points intact. Ahhh, a parent's utopia.

My kids, on the other hand, walked quickly by the aisles while calling to each other, "Quick! Close your eyes! Must. Get. Away. From. School. Supplies. Ow, it burns. It burns!"

Although I'm looking forward to accomplishing more during the day and hearing a lot less fighting from the kids, I'm actually not looking forward to school starting quite yet. (Shhh, don't tell anyone I said that.) But really, I hate the early morning routine and the homework battles. Summer's kinda nice in that respect. But whether you're counting down the days to school or dreading that first day back, the fact is that back-to-school time is fast approaching.

One thing that should be on everyone's back-to-school list, is a Lands' End backpack. I've always heard that Lands' End has THE BEST backpacks out there, but I've never coughed up the money for one. I buy my kids the cheap backpacks you can find at Target or Meijer or whatever. The thing is - I have to replace them every year. Sometimes they don't even make it through the school year. This year I'm investing in some good, strong, well-made backpacks. After seeing the quality of Lands' End swimwear, I have no doubts that their backpacks will be stylish and, more importantly, durable.

Here's the cool part - one lucky winner will receive a free Lands' End Multitask Backpack. Features of this backpack include:

Stash panel for a jacket, sports gear or bike helmet
Separate bottom chamber to stow a set of shoes
360° reflective trim to keep kids visible
Mesh side pockets to hold water bottles
MP3/CD player pouch for tunes

In addition to the backpack giveaway, Lands' End is offering FREE SHIPPING to all my readers! How better to shop for backpacks, lunch boxes and back to school clothes, than from the comfort of you own home? Sure, you'll save on gas, but even better - you won't have to drag your kids out shopping with you! That alone is worth its weight in gold (or gasoline)! Just shop online at Lands' End between July 31 and August 6, then simply enter the coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL and the pin 2382 when checking out. Can't beat that! Shop HERE for back-to-school clothes and uniforms, and look HERE for the Lands' End backpack guide to help you find the perfect backpacks for your little scholars.

Just leave a comment on this post for your chance to win a Lands' End Multitask backpack in the color of your choice. (I'll choose a random winner on Tuesday, August 5.) And start enjoying free shipping on Friday, July 31!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just Jawin' Away

...on my new Jawbone, that is.

Moms are the queens of multi-tasking. Tell me, when was the last time you did nothing but sit and relax while on a phone call? It doesn't happen. While talking on the phone, I change diapers, fold laundry, make lunch, and clean the kitchen floor. I make almost all my calls while doing chores or driving. I have a feeling most of you know what I'm talking about. Do you have any idea how many times I've inadvertently disconnected my friends and family while talking on the phone and doing some other task? I think I disconnect my mom nearly every time I talk to her. And at least half of those times it's by accident. Kidding. Just kidding, Mom! Seriously though, I'll have the phone cradled between my shoulder and ear while I fold laundry and I'll turn my head to yell at the kids tell my kids something and suddenly I hear a dial tone. How often does this happen to you?

And growing evidence indicates that cell phone use is a contributor in car accidents. Several states and jurisdictions have enacted laws prohibiting handheld cell phone use while driving. Many other states have introduced legislature proposing similar bans. Chicago is one of those jurisdictions that has banned hand-held cell phone use while driving.

Hands-free is the way to go both for talking on the phone while scrubbing toilets and making dinner and for driving the kids to soccer practice and running to the grocery store. The new Jawbone lets you talk while going about your day. And without accidentally disconnecting your call too. (Well, as soon as you learn not to push the unit into your ear while talking because you can inadvertently hit the "hang up" button if you do. Sorry again, Mom.)

Believing that products worn on your face should look nice, they've designed the new Jawbone to look like a classy accessory and not a big honkin' piece of technology. But despite the fact that it looks like jewelry, it really is a cool piece of technology featuring the patented Voice Activity Sensor which eliminates noise and let's your voice come through loud and clear. The new Jawbone is 50% smaller than the original Jawbone which means, you don't have a big ole microphone hanging down your face. This is good because you won't feel the need to ask people, "You want fries with that?" while wearing the slim new Jawbone.

The Jawbone comes in 3 colors: black, silver, and rose gold. Each unit comes with 3 sizes of ear buds, and 4 different ear loops for a customized look and fit. And you can charge it by either plugging it into an outlet or your computer.

Now here's the cool part. I have a new Jawbone to give away to one lucky reader. Here's the deal, leave me a comment on THIS post and let me know how you multitask while on the phone. I'll choose a winner this Friday night. Good luck!