Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Johnson & Johnson's History

I got my goodies last week! Don't you just love getting fun stuff in the mail? These are the samples that Johnson & Johnson provided me. Did you know that they make a clear Desitin? I didn't. I almost want Brooklyn to get diaper rash so I can try it out. Desitin is the BEST diaper cream out there, in my opinion. I didn't like the Desitin Creamy because it wiped off too easily and what's the point? If it isn't going to stay on baby's butt, it can't protect it, so what good is it, right? We'll see how the clear works.
I also want to try out the KY warming massage oil. Think I can convince Joe to give me a back rub?

And look! I even went home with a Nintendo DS and a new game! My kids no longer think it's so bad that I skipped town for a couple days.

While we were at The Frog and the Peach (yummiest food EVER!) we got to try out the new Wii games. It's only a matter of days until the kids start begging for the new Wii Fit. Check this out...
To start, you stand on this little balance board and calculate your BMI. Then you can do a little balance test which will calculate your Wii Fit Age (shockingly, mine is 492). Then it's on to the fun balance games, strength training, aerobics, and yoga. For those of us who have a hard time making it to the gym, this could be a quick, fun way to get a little exercise in your day while the kids are at school or napping.
Check out this ad. "So fun and so easy, even grandma will love it"! Ok, the words are mine, but I thought the picture was hilarious.

The day we left New Jersey, we took a little field trip to the Johnson & Johnson campus in New Brunswick. I really LOVED this part of the trip because we learned how Johnson & Johnson first got started. I mean, I knew that Johnson & Johnson had been around forever and that they made many of the products that I use on a daily basis, but I'd never really thought about how they'd gotten started before. Johnson & Johnson is one of those timeless companies. They've been around for ages and they'll continue to be around for years to come. I believe they care about their consumers and strive to find ways to fill customer's needs. That's why they invited 50ish bloggers to this Camp Baby event.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this part of the trip because I met Margaret Gurowitz who writes the Kilmer House Blog. This is such an interesting blog. Especially if you're a history buff (I don't mean memorizing dates of wars kind of history, but the kind of history that talks about people and popular culture and how things were started and how things were made), you should check it out! Margaret has some great pictures and illustrations of old fashioned products that are interesting to read about. J & J is clearly proud of their past (as they should be, in my opinion.)


BoufMom9 said...

Clear Desitin?!?! What??? I had no idea! Man, oh, man! I need to get that! EVERY single time I change Will & he has diaper rash, he puts his hands in the Desitin. UGH! Clear would be so much nicer!
PS I just saw an ad for Wii fitness and thought, oh boy, I think even I could do that. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Your speaking of Desitin brings back some memories, I thought I'd share with you. I probably will not tell the story as funny as it really happened, but I'll try my best!
A few years ago my husband reached for the tube of toothpaste out of the bathroom vanity drawer and spread it on his toothbrush and proceded to brush his teeth.
I was in the other room and he hollered to me, "what kind of toothpaste is this", I replied, "Crest, same as always". He hollered back to me, "this doesn't taste like Crest, did they change it or something"? He then started spitting and gagging, I went into the bathroom, looked at the tube and low and behold it was DESITIN!
I told him, "you're brushing your teeth with Desitin, diaper rash cream"! He said, I can't rinse this stuff out of my mouth, I laughed so hard, I actually wet my pants, knowing Desitin doesn't rinse off or out with water! He washed his mouth out with soap, lemon juice, and anything that came to mind! Nope, it would not rinse out of his mouth!
Needless to say, I smelled Desitin all night long, as he tasted Desitin for another day or so. Poor Man, he will never grab a tube out of the drawer again, assuming it's toothpaste without looking, to make sure.
We laugh about this often. He told me, you know the texture of Desitin is alot like toothpaste, but a little thicker!
So, be sure to read the tube before you consider it toothpaste.

Lisa-Anne said...

I use the splenda in the picture, love that stuff... just wish it was cheaper for restaurants to buy... I'm always having to bring my own packets in my purse!
WHERE do they sell the clear desitin? :)
Oh, and we love the wii, the kids are begging for wii-fit. :)
Thanks for sharing your reviews, Dawn!

Anonymous said...

I guess I could be the ad for the "grandma loves Wii". Long, long ago when gameboy came out my 2 boys had to wrestle it from me. I could just see me doing the Wii thing and my grandkids hollowering "my turn Granny Pam"lol..

Misguided Mommy said...

i love the smell of the new johnsons night time it smells frigging delicious, i've been bathing my kids so much just to smell it

Shan said...

I've been dying to hear how the Neutrogena slow-tanning stuff went! Did you look like Ernie? I'm one of the whitest girls around, and I'd like to hear how it went. If you don't want to write it out on here, you can e-mail me at hansenswebe@yahoo.com.


Anonymous said...

A Nintendo DS? Do NOT touch it yourself! You will become totally addicted. I love my DS!!! I don't have kids, so I don't even have THAT excuse!! The thing I most like about it is its total portability. Of course, since I have a load of games, my carrying case has gotten bigger. And, I recommend headphones - they are bulky (the good ones) but at least you can sneak it into the bathroom and play it without the kids banging on the door demanding the thing be returned to them. and, Brain Age really does help...seems silly when you're playing the games, but it makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

This is probably totally TMI, but just a warning. They say that KY Warming Oil is a 2-in-1, but DO NOT use it for anything other than massage. It was not a pleasant experience.

Amanda said...

I so need that mega load from J&J-that is awesome!

Wookies Mama said...

You came away with lots of great products!