Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Whimsy Rings

I have a love of jewelry. I especially like unique pieces like the vintage button ring my friend Lotta gave me at BlogHer last year. Check them out HERE. And, of course, the macaroni necklaces my kids have made me over the years. And I adore these rings from Whimsy Worldwide. These rings are so unique and fun! They showcase the totally popular, collectible Trollbeads, Pandora and Chamilia glass beads. You can change the beads to match your outfit or mood. If you have a Pandora (or similar) bracelet, you already have an array of beads that fit into this ring. You can have fun switching them whenever the mood strikes! If you don't, you'll soon fall in love with collecting these beads and showing them off on your Whimsy ring!

I do think these rings are on the pricey side ($125 - $399), but the fact that you can change the bead makes it versatile so it's like you're getting more than one piece of jewelry.

At first I was a little afraid to try and open the ring to switch beads because I didn't want to break it, but they're amazingly strong and durable. And they're made of 100% reclaimed sterling silver and 14 karat gold. Reclaimed meaning there's post industrial waste, just dormant metals and gems. This was a conscious decision by ring designer, R. Craig Whitten in an effort to help counter the effects of the top toxic polluter in the U.S., the mining industry.

You can shop online HERE or click HERE to find a retailer near you.


MaBunny said...

oh those rings are very pretty indeed! I hadn't ever seen them before:)

Andrea said...

WOW...those rings are SO pretty! I do wish they weren't so expensive though. Thanks Dawn...I haven't seen them anywhere!