Friday, July 10, 2009

Band-Aid & Neo To Go Winners

Here are the random winners of the waterproof Band-Aids/NeoTo Go sets! Thank to you everyone who left a comment!

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51Anonymous said... Would love to try the Neosporin spray! And one can never have too many Band-aids!! SPepper22

98Kymy K said...
Now that my twins are 2 & it's summer I have been meaning to get something like this for the car. Too bad every time I stop in the band-aid isle they start screaming at each other, me & any passersby because the cart stopped & I say screw it!

35The Bear and The Bug said...
Would so love to win these! My daughter calls Band-Aids "boo boos." I think we used half a box the other day on my son's invisible boo boos.

12Tina said...
I have 4 kids in the 4 and under age range. Read: bandaids are still magical healers in my house! Thanks for the opportunity!

8The Cohen's said...
Nice, what mom doesn't need this for their toddlers and older kids?! :)

Email me at with your shipping address. :)


w said...

so.close. but really. idk.

The Bear and The Bug said...

Got these Friday and just in time for my daughter cutting her knee open. The Neo To Go really helped since she was screaming and it would have been next to impossible to get ointment on her. The spray really works -- she stopped screaming and crying as soon as it hit the wound. Thanks again!