Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorative Picture Pillow with Canon

I was given a Canon PIXMA MG6120 printer (that’s a mouthful. I prefer to simply call it “awesome”) to try out. It’s a very cool, sleek-looking printer, and it’s wireless which is totally awesome because the space under my desk already looks like a huge tangle of snakes. Who needs anymore cables and wires, right?

One of the coolest things about this printer is how it works with Canon PowerShot or EOS cameras. It has Full HD Movie Print software which enables you to easily freeze the perfect frame of video footage and print a picture from it. Have you ever watched a home movie and thought, ‘Man, I wish I had a photo of this!’ ? I’m forever juggling my video camera and still camera, trying to get both the perfect pictures and great video of the kids. This printer is very cool for just this reason. Although the Canon PowerShot will never replace my SLR camera, it is kinda cool because it’s so tiny. It’s the size of a cell phone so I keep it in my purse all the time, just in case one of the kids does something like shove a carrot up his nose and I must capture it on film.

This printer is user-friendly and super-easy to use. It takes individual ink cartridges which saves you money because you only have to replace the individual color cartridge that’s empty instead of a whole, big one. And not only can you print great, clear, full-color photos with this printer, but you can use it for a variety of cool craft projects. I lack the Martha Stewart gene so I’m incapable of making anything crafty, but I received a pillow with a picture of my kids on it, printed with the Canon PIXMA MG6120 printer. If you have the ability to do something crafty, you must watch this video with the instructions! These would make awesome Christmas presents!


marythemom said...

Oh my goodness our printer just died! Don't suppose you have an extra one?! *grin*

Mary in TX