Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Oh crud. I screwed up. Shocking, I know. I meant to write that I'd pick a winner for the Johnson's giveaway and the PTA gift card giveaway on Tuesday, January 20th. I accidentally wrote the 27th in my posts, however.

Since I already picked and posted the winners, I'm going to go with them. However, since I wrote that the winners needed to check back in on the 27th and would have 2 days to contact me, I'll wait until the 29th to hear from them.

I'm so sorry about the confusion. Boy, I wish my brain worked as well as it did before I had kids.


Tiffany said...

Your doing better than me - my brain is on the fritz and I only have one kid!! Don't worry we all have days like that!!

Kristin said...

What's funny is that I "knew" you were talking about this Tuesday for making the pick and so I checked back in - didn't pay attention to the date... hmmm, mommy brain abounds! Maybe next time your random selector could select me?! :-)

Jen said...

BAWAHAHAHAHA - our brains never work the same and it just gets worse the more kids you have as you well know. Although I somehow managed to pass college math after 3 kids and I couldn't pass high school math before having them - sadly enough it was the same level math both times. lol