Sunday, October 12, 2008

Glamour Reel Moments - Day One

The car showed up before 10:00 AM to take me to the airport. He wasn't supposed to be there until 10:20 so I made him wait. I'm a woman. I can do that. I hurried around, finished getting packing and ran out there with my still-hot flat iron in my hand. (It was too hot to pack and I couldn't very well leave it behind!) I couldn't decide what to wear so I packed my huge suitcase along with 5 pairs of shoes. What? I'd had 7 pairs originally!

I got to the airport and went through security no problem. I grabbed my laptop and purse and shoes off the conveyor belt and went to grab my laptop case when I accidentally pulled off the bag belonging to the woman behind me. She grabbed my knees and tackled me. Oops, sorry lady.

I had a bagel and coffee while listening to an elderly couple sitting near me have the following conversation .
WIFE: The airlines went downhill when they stopped serving food.
WIFE: The airlines went downhill when they stopped serving food on the flights.
HUSBAND: You want food on the flight?
WIFE: Airlines don't serve food anymore!
HUSBAND: I just got you a sandwich! What do you want?
WIFE: I know you got me a sandwich! I'm eating the sandwich! Don't you think I know I have a sandwich! The airlines don't serve sandwiches anymore!
HUSBAND: Are you still hungry?
WIFE: Turn up your hearing aid!

I love to people watch in the airport. It's a great, fun pastime.

I had to use the bathroom before boarding my flight. O'Hare has those cool toilet seats encased in plastic. Before sitting down, you wave your hand in front of the sensor and the plastic advances, offering you a brand new plastic-covered seat free from any pee drippings. And why is it that there would even be pee drippings in a women's public bathroom anyway? Hello, we're women! We don't have to stand and aim. There should be NO drippage! Are women so afraid of butt cooties that they have to hover and drip all over the seat? Why is this? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

My seatmate on the flight was quiet and kept to herself so I pulled out my newly purchased Nicholas Sparks book (Did I tell you guys that I had a chance to interview him and I forgot all about it and missed the conference call? I'm still mad at myself for that one. I love, love, LOVE Nicholas Sparks's books! They make me cry like a baby.) Anyway, I pulled out my book and we both minded our own business until the last hour or so of the flight when a flight attendant got on the speaker and gruffly announced, "Will you PLEASE sit down! The seat belt sign is on and we don't want you getting hurt or falling on other passengers. So, TAKE YOUR SEAT!" The girl sitting next to me and I looked at each other and cracked up. It just wasn't your typical, happy flight attendant speech. Then we started talking. Fun times.

I got to the airport, met Janna and Jillian, the Suave representatives, and was taken to the hotel.

Bed all to myself!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have to share with 3 kids tonight!

You should see the size of this shower in person! I bet George Clooney could fit in there with you, Cindy. ;)

AWESOME basket filled with Suave products and other goodies!

Gorgeous, no?

Then I met up with Cindy from and Liz from We had a yummiful dinner (mojitos) at The Grand Lux Cafe. Now, I'm about to go through my awesome gift basket and curl up with my book so I can finish the last few pages.

I'm sure some of you have noticed that I added a Twitter widget to my blog. If you're interested in hearing the profound thoughts that go through my head every hour of the day, you can follow my Twitter stream. I can update it with my phone! It's like crack and I'm hooked!
Where the celebrities go to have their babies.

Liz and Cindy

Me and Liz (Don't pay any attention to the tomato sauce on my shirt. It's part of the design. Honest.)

Mmmm beignets!

Tomorrow it's off to Lukaro Salon for a day of pampering and then on to dinner at Nobu!


Michelle said...

*sigh* It all sounds so lovely. Do you think when I turn X my husband will send me on a trip where they'll have fun people and nice rooms and cool gift baskets?

And I LOVE those toilet seats at o'Hare. That's among the very few bathrooms I feel comfortable peeing in (and I do NOT hover - see my letter to the "ladies" of my office). Glad your flight went well -- except for the apparent turbulence!

Karrie said...

I LOVE the toilets at the O'Hare airport!!

Manic Mom said...

OK, well, first of all, Nicholas Sparks--I am CONVINCED that his wife is really the author of all his books and he is the marketing ploy to get all the women to buy his books. Because he is HOT and women dig that a man can 'write' like that, when really his wife is doing all the writing. That's my thought anyway.

And, I saw the movie, Nights in Rodanthe. Don't go unless you wanna bawl your freaking head off into two-thousand bits. There were seven of us there, trying to stifle our cries, when finally, I just said, "THIS SUCKS" so that gave the approval for us all to let loose on the bawl-fest and we all cried out hearts out.

My friend Swishy says Nicholas is MANIPULATIVE. Like he tries to get women to cry. WHY!?!? That is MEAN!

OK, I want that bed you're sleeping in! And that food you're eating, and that goody basket. (What is that FLIP thing in the basket?)

I can't wait to hear more of your fabulous trip!

Stephanie said...

I miss the toilet seats at O'Hare (we moved from a suburb out west 2 months ago). I have yet to see another airport bathroom with the plastic encased seats.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, When My sister and her husband were moving to Colorado we were driving a uhaul through Nabraska. After our night in a hotel there I wrapped my hot curling iron in one of their hand towels. One of the staff chased us down and made us open the back of the truck up to look for it. It was behind the drivers seat in my hand bag. Well needless to say Nabraska is so boring I bet this story made it in thier newspaper. Kristine in Michigan.

Donna in PA :) said...

Okay, hand over the peanut M&M's and the Ghost DVD and no one gets hurt!!!! LOL I'm SO easy to please that I'd be happy with just those items!

Looks like an awesome room and I hope you're REALLY enjoying yourself!!!

Keri Jackson said...

You got a flip in there! Man I would love to have one :) It's on my christmas list :) I hope you have an awesome time away.

Amber R said...

Ok... I must be blind. Where is the widget for Twitter? Thanks!

Christine said...

I hate the whole hovering-over-the-toilet-phenomenon. It makes germaphobes everywhere more comfortable but makes things worst for the rest of the world. There should be a national campaign about it or something.

Nicky S. said...

I was wondering..what nicholas sparks book are you reading..and also..those movies..what is the middle one..sileance of the lambs? just being curious..

Keren said...

You'll have to start publishing the list of search terms that brought people to your review site as well. Don't be surprised to see "butt cooties" and "pee drippings" on that list. :)

Veggiemomof2 said...

That airport conversation sounds like George's parents from Seinfeld!

Randee said...

i KNOW people who hover and pee...I can't even hold that position long enough for exercise purposes let alone peeing!

Katie Porter said...

Hey there, I met Nicholas Sparks last week at his book talk here in KC. I love him too and have great photos of him! He is so handsome and buff in person!

Anonymous said...

I figure the people who hover to pee must never have been pregnant. And they're all ridiculously tall. At 5'2", I've never been able to hover, and now that I'm pregnant I can't contract my leg muscles very long without getting a charlie horse.

jennifer H said...

Im SOOOO excited to hear you now have a twitter. I went over right away and found you to follow. I love it when i am in a horribly boring class i always look forward to those bits of ahhhh that come in the form of twitter text! btw im jennhoop when you see me stalking ..err following you.

Anonymous said...

What?!! You went by Cedars Sinai and didn't say hi to me?! I've been stuck in this hospital for two months with one of my five kids. The good news is that he gets his liver transplant in about 10 hours. Your blog is making me laugh and helping me with the stress.

Karla with a K said...

OMG, Veggiemom, George's parents!

And who is it that I have to fight for the peanut M&M's? (Wait, it's Monday night, they're probably gone.)

And I'll have to check out Mr. (or Mrs.?) Sparks.

Hope you're havin' fun!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're having fun! Enjoy yourself, you deserve it!! By the way, where is the twitter widget?

Julie in PA

Anonymous said...

The thing about the people who hover end up making others hover. There is absolutely no way I'm sitting in someone elses pee and I'm not wiping it off and getting it on my hands and....well you get the picture, gross!

I have had a nicholas sparks book sitting on my nightstand for over a year and a half. Man I wish I had time to read!!!

I went weak at the knees for the bengnette's....the donut thingys. Did you see Giada eat those on one of her weekend getaways? I've been wanting some ever since...hope yours were as good as they looked!

Anonymous said...

I found your Twitter! You think you're hooked, I couldn't sign up fast enough to make sure I don't miss even 1 (one) of your updates. Talk about being addicted! hee hee


Dana said...

I love everything you write!
You probably don't remember me but we were on an aol baby board years ago....either January 2001 or 2004....can't remember!
I remember you telling me then about how one of your kiddos spilled milk that went between the stove and counter!
Congrats on the great writing career!
I just started The Lucky One last night. :-)
Dana (mom to Ryan (15), Rihana (7) and Riley (4)

Anonymous said...

Dawn, try using an oven mitt for the flat iron and travel. The big fluffy one from Pampered Chef works great. You can pop the flat iron into your bag and its safe and wont burn your stuff.

Brenda said...

It all looks so glamorous. I can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

I got my Flip Video Camera about two months ago. It is simply awesome. You're going to be taking a lot of videos from now on, I promise! You flip up the side and plug it directly into your computer via the USB port. Then you can e-mail them or whatever!! Enjoy!! Chris in PA

Natalie said...

I'm so Jealous. I would love a Flip.

I am so with you on the whole pee drops on the toilet seat in a womens bathroom. If you are so afraid of butt germs either get yourself a she-wee or wipe down the seat with the disinfectant cleaner we know that you have in your purse. Don't make the rest of us suffer.

You should come down to the San Diego area sometime. It's really beautiful except for when we burst into flames.

Anonymous said...

Ok, what the heck is a she-wee? I admit that I hover. Hey, I'm proud that I can still hover. I'm pregnant with my 4th child and quite frankly it's my only form of exercise. (Unless you count taking care of the house and raising my 5 and 3 year old boys and 18mo old girl.
And I love Nicolas Sparks too, cry like a baby with all of his books and movies, but he does seem to purposely contrive the storyline to make it the most tragic thing ever. I do love a good cry though.
Enjoy your trip Dawn.

Tara said...

I have a theory on the hovering phenomenon. Women who hover don't want to sit in the pee drippings of the women who hovered before them, so it becomes an endless cycle of hovering and pee drippings. It only takes one person to start this cycle, but it will take the voices of many to end it!

Rick said...

Men don't hover - even for #2. (Just in case you didn't know that.)

Sudee in Florida said...

I have always been a hoverer. Even through all three pregnancies. The main reason we started to hover was to avoid getting crabs or any other communicable disease that was left on the toilet seat. I always wipe down the seat when I am finished whether I sprinkle or not. Just common courtesy.
Anyway, Nicholas Sparks rocks. One of my favorites. Hope you have a fabulous time and look forward to your updates.

Manic Mom said...


Tina in Ohio said...

I am sooooooo hoping that you already have a Flip and your kids don't want one for Christmas and you will have a contest to give it away and I will finally be someone who actually wins something for a change because I never win anything.
Run-on sentence much? =)

Rick said...

Okay, I'm going to say it... You could use the Mother in the Shoe illustration here. There, I said it. I won't say anything about it again. We'll always be friends (and blog relatives).

Brenda said...

love, Love LOVE Nicholas Sparks! Which one are you reading? I try to read when I have a down time few days because I always get hooked and have to finish the book immediately! The house is usually a mess and the kids wonder where I've been hiding.

Kate said...

I read Cindy's account of the trip first. Funny how they are so different, not that I'd expect them to be the same, bah. I love my Flip camera, it was stolen along with my purse a few weeks ago while on vacation, grrrrr. Glad you enjoyed your trip~!