Saturday, October 11, 2008

Oops, I Messed Up

I goofed up. Shocking, I know. I accidentally wrote that I had 3 (oops) aprons to give away. I only have 2. But I do have an (oops) tote bag and (oops) wine glass charms that I'll give to the third winner. So, please forgive me for having a stupid moment. You still have time to leave me a comment on what your favorite wine is HERE. I'll choose the 3 winners on Monday, Oct. 13. Thank you!


Kim Fissette said...

Do wine coolers count, that is what I like the best!! :) Kim

Cyndy said...

Hope posting here counts as well. I could use an apron...maybe just maybe I won't leave the house covered in whatever I last cooked.


KAL071203 said...

shiraz, nice and velvety smooth mmmm...maybe a glass now? lol