Monday, September 8, 2008


Here is the winner of the Zivio wireless headset!

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:6
Timestamp: 2008-09-09 03:26:40 UTC

WOO HOO! Number 6! That's the easier number this has ever generated! I don't have to count through hundreds of comments to find the winner. The sixth comment came from:

RHP said...
Oh! I got a new computer and was going to get one of these! I'd love to be entered!Just so you know, September 8 is a Monday, not Wednesday. That's my 7th anniversary! ;)Becca P.

I'm not sure what a new computer has to do with this, but congratulations on winning a new Zivio wireless headset for a bluetooth enabled phone. (And happy anniversary too!)

And last call for Sherry who left this comment:

I need some of that Blatter Blast... the organic part is the best! I have an adhd'er so we also are on diet and restrictions as best we can!Sherry S.

You won a Batter Blaster. Email me ( with your shipping address by Wednesday night or I'll pick another winner.


Rick said...

If Sherry doesn't want it, then you can batter ME up!

Anonymous said...

I'm sad! I cant get it in my area. Its a 45 minute drive to get some not mention you have to have a membership to buy it there. UGH! I guess I will be cooking the old fashion way on the weekends LOL!

Jayne said...

Dawn, Where can I buy Batter Blaster? I missed where you were able to buy it in your first review. Thanks!