Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Talk Turkey

I laughed out loud and this commercial. OK, I laughed out loud and snorted.
Now, I've never actually had a turkey slip from my hands and go flying out the window, but still, if there's an easier way to cook a turkey, then I'm all for it! The thought of putting my hand up a chicken's butt to grab out that little bag o' guts just grosses me out, so when the folks at Jennie-O asked me to try out their Oven Ready turkey, I jumped at the chance.

Jennie-O has both whole turkeys (homestyle or butter, garlic, herb seasoned), and also turkey breasts that come in a Fool Proof cooking bag. All you need to do is plop it in your oven. Seriously, you take this turkey from your freezer (no thawing required), plop it into a roasting pan, cut a couple slits in the Fool Proof bag and walk away. You don't have to season it because Jennie-O has already done that. You don't have to rinse and clean it - taken care of. You don't need to pull out that little bag of giblets and such because there isn't one. You don't have to guess when the turkey is ready either because they all come with a pop-up timer; when it pops up, it's done. And clean up is a breeze because the turkey cooks in the bag! These are idiot-proof.

I make turkey several times a year. I'm not just a Thanksgiving kinda gal. Turkey is perfect for a large family and their whole turkeys come in 2 size ranges: either 11-13 pounds or 17-19 pounds. Sometimes I throw a turkey breast in my crock pot. You can put the Jennie-O boneless, skinless turkey breast (still in its bag) in your crock pot. Other times, I cook a whole turkey in the oven. It feeds our family and gives me leftovers so I can make turkey sandwiches, turkey tetrazzini, and soup. There are some really yummy sounding recipes for leftovers on their website HERE.

Not only is this Jennie-O Oven Ready "turkey-in-a-bag" easy to cook, but it tastes great! Because it cooks in this bag, the juices stay in. The turkey is tasty and moist. And you can use the juices to make your own gravy or stuffing, or you can use the included gravy packet to make a flavorful gravy. Now for those of you sticking to Feingold or other natural diets, you should know that this does contain artificial ingredients in the seasoning and gravy packet.

I'm not having Thanksgiving at my house this year, but the next time I cook a turkey, I'm definitely getting the Jennie-O Oven Ready turkey.


Jenn said...

LOL. that is Hilarious. My kids were CRACKING UP!... you guys have so many cool comercials. I know it will sound funny but we don't get them up here. matter of fact. we JUST got Jenni-o gound turkey this summer. and from what I understand it has been around for a long time. *G*

even the presedential commercials. we don't get them. we have to watch them on the national news when they are talking about them. that is how we see them. Not that I am complaining. ;)

Knitty said...

OMG, I immediately sent this clip to my SIL and adult nieces. We have so many turkey stories, it is almost a disappointment when nothing unusual happens with a turkey at the holidays.

One year the bird would not brown. It was done, and tasty, but the palest looking thing I'd ever seen.

Another year, my SIL was worried that there wasn't going to be enough meat to feed everyone as she looked at the bird in the electric roaster. She had put it in upside down and was looking at the bony back. We've since learned that many people roast them upside down because the white meat stays moist better that way.

Lastly, the bird that relates to this clip. My husband and adult niece were about to carve and unstuff the bird on a cutting board that fit over the sink. As they went to stick a fork in it, it skidded off the board, down the length of the counter and onto the floor! The gasp of everyone in the kitchen was followed by a whole lot of laughter. Three second rule! Dinner was fine.

MaBunny said...

HAHAHA, hadn't seen that commercial yet , thats funny as all get out!
Not sure what we are doing for thanksgiving either , but if I get stuck cooking, that Jennie -O turkey is perfect!

Anjie said...

So cool! I'm not big on the whole reaching into a Turkey's cavity to get the innards either. I'm gonna try one soon!
Thanks for the review!

Anonymous said...

OMG, Dawn! I've never seen that commercial before! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes and trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard!

I read in one of your other comments that someone had a turkey that ended up falling on the floor after it was cooked. We had that happen, too! My dad tried to put it on the platter and act like nothing had happened. It would've worked had the turkey not been totally FLATTENED by the fall! All my mom kept saying was, "Boy, that turkey looks awfully flat. I wonder why. . ." She reminded us of Edith Bunker!

Thanks for sharing that. I'll have that commercial playing in the back of my head as I prepare Thanksgiving dinner this year!! ;)

Donna in PA :)

Anonymous said...

I just saw this commercial earlier, it made me LOL seriously Zachary was like are you okay mom??? That was so me and the first thanksgiving I cooked a turkey.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I noticed in your blog that you mentioned putting the Jennie o Turkey breast (with the bag) into the crockpot. So I don't have to remove the bag first? I recently bought a crockpot and am trying to find recipes for it. I've tried the oven ready turkey, loved it, and now want to try the turkey breast in a crockpot. Do you have a recipe? How much chicken broth do I add? Will that make the turkey mushy?

Many thanks!!