Monday, December 15, 2008

Pokemon Winners

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Jake said...
I used to play with these when I was little. Now my little brother plays with them. It would be a perfect Christmas gift! PICK ME...please.

the Spoonies said...
Bailey would love the Pokeman cards. I remember your ebay post about the pokeman cards. I was at the hospital with Bay and somebody had sent it to me thinking that I would like it. I did and I laughed a lot while I was reading it. It reminded me of my life and how crazy it could be. Granted I only have 3 kids so really it should only be half as crazy as yours.

Jodee said...
I was hoping the Pokemon craze would subside before my kids were old enough to care, but I guess it's here to stay for a while. That's why my life savings sits in a binder full of cards in my 6-year-old son's room.

Congratulations! Contact me HERE with your shipping address and I'll send these out to you right away. Thank you everyone! :)


suzanne said...

Dawn...your profile picture is very nice! you look great and you look happy!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that SuperBay will be getting a set!